A Familiar Pattern (2012)

For Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, and Percussion
Duration: 13 minutes



Circadian Rhythm:




This piece is dedicated to Amanda Barrow. It is reflective of a cyclical journey that is familiar to many, but the details of the journey change from person to person, and from situation to situation. The six different movements reflect different genres of music. The first movement, Genesis, is primitivistic, reflecting the musical style of composers like Igor Stravinsky. The second movement, Articulation, is a tonal movement using long lyrical lines and consonant harmonies to calm and soothe the listener. The third movement, Circadian Rhythm, is minimalist, drawing from such composers as Steve Reich and John Adams. The fourth movement, Separation, is a work using twelve-tone techniques. This is juxtaposed against a polytonal “memory” of the melody from Articulation. The fifth movement, Futility, is pointillistic in style, more centric around certain notes, but never tonal or melodically oriented. The final movement, Loss, focuses on harmonic color and is influenced by composers like Toru Takemitsu.