A Night at the Movies (2014)

D.W. Griffith

For full orchestra
Duration: 35 minutes

The Country Doctor:

The Hessian Renegades:

This piece was written for my Master’s Thesis project while at the University of Florida. A Night at the Movies is a suite of film scores tying seemingly unrelated films together through unified motivic ideas. I intend for the music to act as a commentary on the films. Each film portrays women in dominant and leading roles. However, because all the movies are from either 1904 or 1909, this portrayal is incredibly rare. I wish to highlight this unusual portrayal of women throughout the films and add strength to the female protagonists, making them seem like real heroes in their respective stories. This often villainizes male protagonists, but sets a tone for the importance and value of women in general, as well as of the women in the three films.

Only two of the three movements have been performed live. Both of the films in the performance were made by D.W. Griffith, with the third film being made by Edwin S. Porter.