Duo (2010)


For Vibraphone and Congas/Cajon
Duration: 5 minutes

This piece was commissioned by two friends of mine. They were giving a recital of new music, trying to expand the repertoire of music written for percussion.

The form of this piece is an altered rondo. The theme that continues to return becomes more complex each time it reappears.

The style, although not very jazzy, is influenced by jazz, and the opposing sections to the theme should be seen as solo sections like one would encounter in a jazz tune.

The piece builds until a final return of the A section, which is greatly expanded. In this moment, the sound of the chords ringing in the air sound like glorious bells declaring some great triumph. Although, the rest of the piece does not end easily, there is a tiny bit more conflict of chords clashing right at the end before a satisfying and victorious conclusion.