For My Mother (2009)

For Flute and Piano
Duration: 4 minutes

This is a very special piece to me because this was written for my Mother’s birthday. My brother collected a bunch of pictures of our mother and our family. He then commissioned me to write this piece to go along with a digital slide-show that I created using the pictures my brother selected. The recording is of my girlfriend on flute and myself on piano. It was an incredibly personal attempt to show my mother how much she means to me and how much she has done for our family.

The piece is not entirely happy as our family has had rough times, as has any family. But the piece ends brilliantly with the theme depicting my mother powerfully defeating all of the dark and unpleasant times. Her love for our family helped build a great foundation for the potential that I have within myself. And for that I will forever be grateful for being so lucky to have such a loving mother.