Jesus’ Teachings (2010)

I. Mark 7:20-23
Duration: 4 minutes

This is a multi-movement work of which only the first has been completed. It is intended to be a search for God and hope in humanity. All the lyrics for the music are quotes of Jesus from the Bible. This analysis of his teachings is intended to look more upon the humanity and brotherhood that Jesus teaches rather than the more complex discussion of God.

In the first movement, Jesus is explaining all the reasons men fall from Grace and the actions that defile a man and make him ugly in the face of his neighbors and ultimately, God. The music begins pure and beautiful, as if being sung by Jesus himself. But as the music moves on and the actions of Man become more opressive and terrifying, the music is transformed into something ugly and grotesque. The piece ends with the choir descending into Hell releasing screams of terror.
The second movement is a search for redemption from this Hell created by Man’s horrific actions. It is hopeful, but still lost and confused.

It is in the last movement that man finds his connection with God and redeems himself from all of his shortcomings. Man accomplishes all this through the teachings of Jesus.