Quintet (2008)

For Woodwind Quintet
Duration: 8 minutes

I. Allegro

II. Andante

III. Rondo

This piece was an exploration in quartal and quintal harmonies. The first movement is specifically derived from fourths and one can find not only fourths in intervals, but also in groupings and rhythmic aspects.

The second movement is surrounded around yearning for more, seeing the fourth as an incomplete figure wanting resolution of some sort. It is slow and meloncholy, acting as a contrast to the first and third movements.

The third movement is a response to the yearning of the second movement, by leading the interval from fourths that had been dominating the first two movements, to fifths in intervals and structure. Constant leaping around giving a sense of excitement. Elements of the previous movements making momentary presences to act as the reason and drive behind the quick-moving final movement, seeing the fifths as an expansion and resolution to the fourths.